The Dangers of Sugar + 10 Ways To Quit It For Life 
Have you ever thought about how harmful sugar is to your body? Yes, it tastes good and it's in so many of those treats that we reach for but, if you only knew the harm you were doing to your body, you would stop immediately! 

This e-book will help you understand the effects that sugar has on your digestion, brain and even your hormones. 
How To Quit Sugar For Life | Nadia La Russa
How To Quit Sugar For Life | Nadia La Russa

Imagine having...

✓  More Energy
✓  Better Skin
✓  Better Digestion
✓  Clear Mind
✓  And So Much More!
About Nadia La Russa, 
Health + Wellness Coach
A few years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to peanuts. This caused me to look at everything that we ate as a family and I mean EVERYTHING! 

I started looking at every ingredient listed on food labels. Initially I was looking out for peanuts, but I began to notice the amount of sugar that we consumed. As a mom of 5 kids, I set out on a mission to ensure that we were eating the most nutritious food possible. 

After years of research, my diet (and that of my family’s) had changed dramatically. We began to eliminate sugar as much as possible and quickly realized the benefits. 

Today I want to share those benefits with you.
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