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About Your Health + Wellness Coach
Hi! My name is Nadia La Russa and I’m a health and wellness coach who has helped many people reclaim their health through clean eating and detox. 

If you’re like millions of others, you’re sick of bland, low-fat boxed meals, incorrect information (and an overload of it), so-called magic pills, and fad diets. I was too. 

I’ve been where you are, frustrated and annoyed with trying to lose weight when life is pulling you in every other direction. Just like you, I knew I wanted to lose weight, feel good, get healthier, and gain access to that natural source of energy I so dearly missed. I was ready to commit, but unsure where to turn to do it.

I created the Healthy Life Challenge to answer that huge need and to help my clients cut through the clutter, regain control of their health, eat clean, and lose excess weight so they can feel like their absolute best selves year-round. Once you make the commitment, the magic starts happening. 

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You deserve to have a complete master guide on how to make it easy to:
  • Eat healthy on the go
  • Take care of you even when you have no time
  •  Learn how to eat clean even when you crave sugar
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